How to choose the right outdoor tiles: style, color, materials, and dimensions

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Is it time to choose outdoor tiles for your design project? A more in-depth knowledge of styles, colors, materials and dimensions will help you identify the right product for you. 

If in the previous article we have presented some important but general facts that should be considered when planning to lay outdoor tiles, today we will get more practical with some targeted advice. 

Let's start with the materials.

 There are certainly ceramic tiles of the highest quality that, in addition to giving all the characteristics of wood, natural stone or marble at a visual and tactile level, also offer specific technical features that make them perfectly compatible - if not even worthy of recommendation - for outdoor installation.

In this sense, the Gardenia Orchidea consultants will offer you a more detailed overview of the many collections available and help you with your choice. Alternatively, you can take a look at our next article in which we will show some models of outdoor tiles signed by this large group of world-famous ceramics and which could be among the possible choices for your project. 

 As for the other materials normally used for the production of outdoor tiles, it is certainly worth mentioning the natural stone which, besides being very pleasant aesthetically, proves to be particularly durable over time. 

Porcelain stoneware is another type of very effective and functional outdoor floor. Made of tougher and more resistant materials than the classic ceramic, a porcelain stoneware floor will tend to scratch less easily and will ensure maximum non-absorbency.

However, it is important to consider that not all porcelain stoneware tiles are equal in their characteristics, nor can they all be installed outdoors. To find out if the model you like is right for you, you will need to identify the relevant test and the necessary anti-slip degree depending on the location.  

Now let's move on to the style of your tiles or outdoor flooring. It is clear that it will have to suit not only to your personal taste, but also to the aesthetics of the whole house as well as the nature and context in which the tiles will be installed. In this sense, you might want to choose stone or stone-effect ceramic tiles for an installation in the garden, or simply to give outdoor areas a rustic and traditional touch.  Stone or stone-like floors are very suitable for outdoor settings particularly immersed in nature, thanks to an "original" and "wild" aesthetic that helps enhancing all the charm of the surrounding environment.

 If you prefer the classic style, the granite tiles can also prove to be effective.  In fact, their unique aesthetic gives a great personality to the environments and their distinct texture helps to ensure an effective tactile effect already at a first glance. As for current trends, wood is one of the most preferred materials for outdoor use as well.

However, features of maximum excellence can be obtained with porcelain stoneware floors which, if at an aesthetic  level fully replicate the material and natural appeal typical of the wood of different types, at a performance level guarantee much higher results, with the advantage of canceling completely the typical maintenance needs of wood. Those who love elegance and pure luxury can instead consider outdoor tiles made of marble, a true symbol of timeless elegance.

Even today, solutions which involve this material are chosen for its inherent excellence and for an aesthetic beauty that transcends the fashions of the moment. The aforementioned porcelain stoneware, used in outdoor spaces for its functional and aesthetic characteristics, is able to satisfy many styles, thanks to an infinite number of proposals that stand out through their dimensions, colors, shapes and finishes.

It is also a very functional material from a purely mechanical point of view and it is designed to last a long time: it is resistant to impacts, slipperiness, foot traffic as well as the action of atmospheric agents keeping intact its undeniable beautyThe choice of the color of the outdoor tiles must again be in agreement not only with the aesthetics and style of the rest of the house but also with the outdoor context in which the artifacts will be installed.

In general, we suggest you opt for neutral colors that can be integrated smoothly and harmoniously in the natural environment.

So you might want to choose the colors sand, brick, burnished. Alternatively, consider the possibility of installing a broken floor in various shades of gray, or even white to bring out the blue of the water in case the tiles should be placed near the pool. We advise against installing outdoor floors in colors that are too bright or artificial, which could cause an estranging effect from the first glance.  

Finally, a little advice regarding the dimensions: if the area on which you install outdoor tiles is very small,  go for large formats that will offer a wider view and therefore will make the location appear larger than it actually is.

If, on the contrary, the space available is very large, you can choose to combine large sizes with tiles of smaller dimensions in order to create movement and break points to the eye, making the result dynamic and effective. In both cases, you can also take into account the alternation of colors to create an original outdoor flooring, unique and in line with your personality. 

In any case, it is always fundamental to choose the sizes of your outdoor tiles by carefully evaluating the best compromise between the design you want and the needs of surface inclination, both for the necessary elastic joints and for the evacuation of rainwater.

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