Should you choose tiles or parquet for your floors? The comparison


Choosing flooring for your own house is an exciting experience but also quite complicated, and it needs inevitably the support of specialized experts. They will allow you, not only to identify the flooring, which best fits aesthetically and stylistically with your interior design’s needs, but also to choose the best solution in terms of construction, quality and durability.

In any case, we are glad to offer you our best advice in order to choose better the flooring for your house, whether it is new or to be restructured.

The necessary introduction, to never forget, concerns basically the importance of choosing flooring. This piece of furniture, a functioning element but also of style plays a key role and it is intended to last many years, that’s why it needs to be looked at carefully. It will represent later the base to proceed with the whole furniture of the house.

The first question you should ask yourself, when you choose a floor is: which is my lifestyle? How many people will live in this house? How many children? Will there be pets? These are fundamental information to establish for example the strength that the floor must have in relation to specific stresses. In the same way the closeness of specific external spaces, like for example the garden, will influence your choice that will consider necessarily anti scratch wood flooring and products with materials much stronger to any type of aggression.

The same kind of approach on the other hand should be intended for other particular rooms of the house, like for example the kitchen or the bathroom, of necessity, subjected to humidity and destined to necessary and frequent cleaning-up operations. Therefore it is better to put aside particularly delicate solutions like wood flooring and avoid at all any non waterproof flooring. On the contrary, in more intimate and calmer environments – like the bedrooms or the living room – you could leave more space to your creativity and be less influenced from obvious functioning necessities.

Our second piece of advice goes somehow hand in hand with the first and concerns the budget. Do not stretch out and avoid, if possible, to choose floors too cheap: more often than not the price performance leaves much to be desired and it will just need a short time to realize the obvious lacks of this kind of products. They will be stained immediately, they will be ruined easily and they will reveal porous and unable to oppose humidity and grease, they will present stained rings after washing.

In fact to a low price does not necessarily corresponds a bargain, on the contrary! When it comes to flooring and covering, an apparently very beneficial price can instead go hand in hand with a collection of unappreciated floors, or stocked for a long time because unsold or even obsolete and low-performing. Think about how also the best furnished apartment could become poor at the sight with a low quality floor! There is nothing worse than entering a well-maintained house with a shabby floor.

Therefore you should guide yourself towards products which can really guarantee an excellent price performance and for several, and several years you won’t have to worry about your flooring anymore.

Regarding the criteria of choosing a floor for the house, the technical one should be valued even before the aesthetical one.

Once defined the brand or the line which best fit to you in term of functionality and quality, you could dedicate yourself to the choice of color, material and finishing.




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