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The Gardenia Orchidea Group, internationally renowned for decades in the design and production of luxury ceramics for interiors and exteriors, offers every day to all its private and contract clients a professionalism built on tens of thousands of successful projectsThe many collections and solutions available under the Gardenia brand are the result of the tradition of the highest quality ceramic typical of the famous Modenese District and exceed national borders, reaching locations and settings of absolute prestige in every part of the world. So if you want to install outdoor tiles for any type of environment - from the terrace to the balconies, from the paths to the gardens, from the patio to the pool - you can find one of the many Gardenia Orchidea dealers spread throughout the country and immediately ask for our experts’ advice. What we will do today is to show you two of the many collections of outdoor tiles designed and produced by Gardenia, so that you can fully understand the aesthetic and performance quality of our brand’s solutions. 

The first collection we want to present is Native: with this collection of ceramic tiles of highest quality, nature becomes urban. Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor installation, Native tiles are produced in a wide range of colors: 

  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Silver
  • Concrete

The entire color palette is available in both neutral and decorated versions. As you can see, all the colors chosen match perfectly the natural and traditionally neutral colors that cannot fail to ensure maximum prominence and the best aesthetic result even in the context of an outdoor installation.

Here therefore the colors seduce with discretion due to the natural and soft tones that are part of our daily life. Native is perfect both for those who love the neutral style, strongly oriented to the new green philosophies as well as for the fans of urban, contemporary, industrial and post-industrial design.  You will soon discover its inherent ability to adapt with discretion and elegance to almost any context. The outdoor installation solutions of Native are manifold, so as to satisfy every design requirement: 

- Laying glue on screed

- Dry laying on grass

- Dry laying on gravel or sand

- Raised installation 

All you have to do is pick the color palette that is right for you from the warm and cold ones that we suggest and dedicate yourself to completely renewing the look of your outdoor space. If instead you love the typical and inimitable effect of natural stone but would prefer the undeniably beneficial quality guaranteed by high-quality ceramic, the Gardenia collection that best suits you is the splendid Concept Stone, inspired by the precious stone of Vesale dell'Appennino Emiliano and is therefore the result of a perfect fusion between tradition and technological innovation. Also in this case, the color palette of the floor ceramic is vast and inspired by the warm and natural colors: White-Grey- Anthracite- Black- Light beige- Sand- Medium Brown Consider the possibility of combining different colors to create an outdoor space of maximum charm and personality. 

With Concept Stone, the Vesale Stone has been reinterpreted with a careful design work able to harmonize in a fluid way the numerous chromatic tones of the material, giving life to a perfect synthesis of the character of one of the most appreciated natural stones ever.

Resistant, warm and immediately recognizable, with unpredictable nuances and timeless charm, the Vesale Stone thus restored finds its place even in time and in the most contemporary context. In this collection you will love the surface, in all respects identical to the stone: rough, irregular, palpable and essential. A real tribute to nature



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