The best hotel flooring solutions: how to get inspiration for your home

It is well known that the luxury hotels’ interior design aims to amaze, fascinate and seduce the guests, as they have to be welcomed in a familiar yet able to ensure an out of ordinary experience environment.

For this reason, the careful study of the environments in the hospitality industry can represent an exceptional “design” test for people aiming to realize a particularly original project for their home. In this sense, flooring is a very important component to establish a personality of any domestic environment.

You can take inspiration from some solutions that our brand studied for several hospitality facilities and modify them according to your personal preference, needs and domestic environments.

We will suggest the mood and propose practical hints regarding our projects, leaving the funniest part to you: imagination!



Hotel Pantheon – Rome

Hotel Pantheon – Roma.png

We contributed to build this elegant and nice hotel in the historic center of the Eternal City. In order to create a timeless appeal, as well as a synergy with the geographical and cultural context, we chose the absolute classic elegance of the Versace Ceramics Palace Stone collection.

This solution can inspire anybody wanting to realize a distinctive Interior Design project able to mix tradition with classical virtuosity, giving life to environments full of warmth and absolute comfort.

Hotel Keflaivik – Island

Hotel Keflaivik – Islanda.png

People loving minimalism and the essential style typical of Northern Europe will appreciate this Interior Design project we contributed to. This project aimed to give life to environments characterized by absolute prestige and strong personality.

In this case, we chose the Versace Ceramics Marble and Exclusive collection, mixed with modern furnishings and lights with a contemporary beauty. In this way we gave life to colored environments showing a modern and strong charm, which also were perfectly integrated into the surrounding location.

Hotel Milano Palace - Modena

Hotel Milano Palace Modena.png

For this historic Modena hotel, which is located right in the center of the passionate city of Emilia, we chose a potpourri of extra-luxury ceramic collections, greatly mixed to give life to a unique result in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Versace Ceramics “Marble” white, black, grey, brown
  • Gardenia Orchidea “Open Space” 60×120 beige
  • Gardenia Orchidea “Just Nature” 20×120 medium beige
  • Gardenia Orchidea “Linear” 25×75
  • Gardenia Orchidea “Just Venice”5×180

The aspect that all these solutions have in common is the material, i.e. the Grès Porcelain, chosen to ensure a high-level aesthetic connotation, halfway between classic and modern style. The proposal of several types of high-quality marble, faithfully realized as in the style of the Gardenia brand, was in synergy with an accurate choice in terms of colors. The coldest shades are inspired by the technology of the Ferrari brand, while the warm ones call to mind the emotional lyrics of Luciano Pavarotti, which is a true symbol of the city like the Prancing Horse is.

This kind of solution is perfect to inspire anyone wishing to give life to domestic environments able to communicate different yet complementary moods and styles, through a careful study and mixture of colors, forms and finishes.





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