Your home like a hotel suite: Gardenia proposals

Are you doing an interior-design project for your home, renewing or renovating it, and you would like the rooms to have the unique charm of the best hotel rooms? Taking inspiration from environments different from the domestic one is not wrong: creativity is the result of the transformation of consolidated and apparently immutable schemes, and this means that the right approach and suggestions can give life to a unique project able to satisfy your aesthetic and functional needs.

From the 60’ Gardenia Orchidea has become a leading international brand in design and manufacturing of highest-quality ceramics for flooring and coatings. We are ready to offer you some interesting advice and propose you collections and choices that could be perfect for your home.

In order for you to be fully able to understand the atmospheres at the basis of our concepts, we will present you some projects we already realized for some high-level hospitality buildings. We will also offer you the details of the ceramic collections we chose for our solutions, in order for you to accurately evaluate which ones could be best for you.



Absolute Stone

This is the name of the flooring and coatings collection we chose to realize the Interior Design of the Copperhill Mountain Lodge Hotel, in Northern Sweden.

In order to better transmit the unique sensations that characterize this hotel and its location, we opted for green flooring and 30x30 / 30x60 tiles. Ceramics have been used in the common zones of the hotel like the relax zone, the pool area and the locker rooms. We obtained a stone-like effect, able to remind guests of the beauty of stone.

This choice is perfect if you want to give life to emotional rooms with a strong link between external and internal environments.

Find out the several ways to highlight the beauty of the Gardenia Orchidea Absolute Stone collection by looking at our catalogue

Just Venice

Just Venice.png

We chose Just Venice to highlight the warm and wonderful charm of wood in the Le Roc Noire hospitality structure in La Rosiere.

Regarding the flooring of these beautiful hotel rooms in Nordic style that strongly reminds you of the charm of mountain shelters, we selected light oak-like ceramics in the 16x100 format. This selection realized in solid-colored porcelain gres evokes the charm of classic parquet flooring.

The Gardenia Orchidea Just Venice collection is available in several colors that evokes the natural aesthetic of the finest wood:

  • Light beige
  • Dark beige
  • Light oak
  • Dark oak
  • Light grey
  • Dark grey

These beautiful ceramics with a natural effect are available both as flooring and coatings, in order to give life to environments characterized by strong personality, aesthetic beauty and high functionality.

Just Venice is the right collection if you want to recreate in your domestic environments a Nordic and warm look, both cozy and familiar, being certain of using high-performance materials.

Find out the several ways to create beautiful environments with the Just Venice collection by looking at our catalogue.


Gardenia Orchidea_Mood.png

The beautiful flooring and coatings Mood collection was our choice for our contemporary Interior Design “Smart Hotel Room” project, developed for the “Salone del Mobile 2017” event.

The daring color combinations for this large collection, including not only flooring and coatings but also textile furnishing and furniture, aimed to give life to a minimalist environment characterized by squared spaces, a mixture of modern and hi-tech materials such as glass and steel, balanced with modern solutions using classic materials such as marble. 

Why did we choose Mood to give life to these environments? Because this collection is characterized by a color palette inspired by nature. Mood is our interpretation of modern living, being a collection of flooring and coatings ideal to furnish and personalize modern environments with strong personality.

Mood is the right collection for you if you are inspired by hotels with a modern and post-industrial charm, with palettes able to mix grey shades with lots of colors.

Find out the several ways to give life to environments with a strong personality with the Mood collection by taking a look at our catalogue.




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