How to furnish your home: examples of projects for small bathrooms

Now that houses are increasingly small and compact, interior design is essential to use all the space you have available in a functional and clever way. This general rule is valid in each environment of the house, but it’s even more important in the bathroom.

While the bedroom, the living room, the den, and even the kitchen offer more space to express yourselves, the bathroom is the only environment of the house that is usually subjected to specific spatial and functional limits, due for instance to implants or to the need to include in our project some interior design elements (obviously toilets as well as sinks and a shower).

In this page we will present you some examples of furnishing projects designed for bathrooms with a limited space, or with other limits in terms of space or position for toilets and other elements.

It’s important to consider how, in each photo we selected, you can find an original and creative touch that has an impact on the final result, giving life to a fascinating as well as functional environment. This means that a small bathroom either in a new or a renovated house will not be necessarily less functional or beautiful: just the opposite!

The most important thing to remember is that, even when the available space limits some of our choices, we can always compensate through a careful evaluation in terms of typologies, models and dimensions of toilets and furnishings. Similarly, a careful choice of flooring and coatings will make us able to give life to a pleasant and healthy environment that will last for long.


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We hope that the photos we chose for you will inspire you for your interior design project. We also have some general suggestions that we think have to be taken into consideration for any interior design project aiming to furnish a small bathroom.

Choose light colors: when choosing toilets, furnishings, accessories, flooring and coatings opt for light and neutral colors, that will give a higher sense of natural brightness as well as the perception that the environments is bigger than it is.

Brickyard (1).jpg

Avoid small tiles: as regard to flooring and coatings, the best choice from an aesthetic point of view is to opt for medium-big tiles that will make you able not to fragment the surfaces excessively, giving the sensation of a more open space.

Concept stone - FORMATI.jpg

Laying coatings: regarding laying coatings, the suggestions of the experts from Gardenia is to opt for the horizontal direction that will help you to make the environment seem more open.


Create a fracture: in order to avoid a monochromatic aspect, you can choose to enrich flooring and coatings with decorative elements that will create a sort of visual “fracture”.


Mosaics: mosaics can also contribute to make the environment more precious, helping to create niches and angles such as the one for the shower or the tub.


Contrasts: finally, remember that choosing flooring which is darker compared to coatings and toilets, can also help to make the environment seem more open.


Have fun with your design project!


Why it is better to consult a direct reseller: DOWNLOAD YOUR INFOGRAPHIC


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