How to choose the right ceramics for your home


Are you considering the option of installing a ceramic floor in your home and looking for advice on how to make the right choice?

We can offer five tips that, in a practical and efficient way, will help you find the perfect solution for your surroundings.

Before starting, however, we must make an important premise: the technology of ceramic flooring has, in recent years, reached such level of functional and aesthetic excellence to be able to offer almost any kind of response to every design requirement. This means that by relying on a high-quality ceramics company – such as our Gruppo Gardenia Orchidea – you'll have an endless choice of ceramics collections able to offer a wide range in terms of technical features as well as appearance.

Moreover, compared to the past, when the ceramics were used exclusively for the bathroom and the kitchen, today whole rooms can be tastefully furnished by alternating different kinds of tiles and giving life to rooms and living areas able to stand out both in terms of performance and of personality.

So, let's move on to the five essential tips for finding the right ceramics for your home:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom, the special places: remember first of all that the kitchen and bathroom are the only two rooms in the house where you can alternate the use of tiles for floors and walls, giving life to rooms that are not only functional and highly hygienic, but also beautiful to look at. When you find yourself looking at different tiles for these rooms of the house, think first of all where exactly they will be placed: this will help you to select the most suitable materials. You can alternate colours and sizes, as well as finishes such as glossy or matte, giving life to the characteristic corners and backsplashes, strongly identifying the “character” of your surroundings.
  2. Tiles forever: the composition of the tiles will have a strong aesthetic impact that will affect every single room in your house. Not surprisingly, more and more often the tiles become the interior design solutions taken into consideration by the architects for the completion of entire projects. From the maximum simplicity of a regular and monochrome laying, all the way to the large formats, from the mosaic details to the colour points, the questions you will have to ask yourself are: What appearance should your home have? What types of furniture will you choose? Which colours will dominate?
  3. Budget, an aspect to be reckoned with: how much do you want to invest in your home tiles? Before turning towards inexpensive solutions, remember that the installation – and the replacement! – of the tiles is a quick and painless job if you don't yet live on the premises, but it can prove rather debilitating if the house is already inhabited. Choosing good quality tiles and, therefore, investing right from the start a more appropriate budget, will mean that you no longer have to worry about replacing them. Why? Because a good quality product, and especially a tile, lasts for a long time and keeps its aesthetic and functional characteristics intact.
  4. Your family's lifestyle: is another aspect of crucial importance. If the floors of your house will be walked on a lot, if you live with children or animals, if you have hobbies, such as painting, that could stain or affect the floors, you should choose the tiles that will be able to provide the proper performance and efficiently withstand the stress they will be subjected to, without altering their appearance and functionality. Resistant, easy to clean, durable: these are the parameters that you will need to consider.
  5. A reflection of your personality: having specified the technical aspects, as we have done so far, we cannot fail to conclude by reminding you that the tiles must also and above all describe your personality and your own taste, in terms of materials, shapes, colours, and finishes. Don't be afraid to express what makes you special and unique through your items of furniture, and be daring: if you like the tiles, then they are definitely the right ones!




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