Just Color and Just Nature by Gardenia Orchidea: Italian luxury for your floors


Just Color, Just Nature: these are the names of two Gardenia Orchidea's collections that are among the most appreciated by our customers from all over the world, who love the Italian charm and the excellence which is typical of the ceramic district of Modena where our Group originates.

Those who choose Just Color and Just Nature for their floors and walls are aware of the aesthetic and functional qualities of the product that will become a part of their surroundings. And has an eye for the mark of design that strongly characterises all Gardenia productions.

So, we will tell you about these two timeless collections, a symbol of Italian luxury that, in a seductive and discreet way, accompany us from day to day in the environments we inhabit.

Just Color. Keywords: texture and colour

Just Color is a collection whose surface is rich in colours and shades typical of the natural wood. The expressiveness, which is typical of the living material is here presented not only to the full but also in a completely reinvented, contemporary way, giving life to technologically advanced environments, in which living goes back to being natural, secret and personal.

The Just Color palette is nature-oriented: from classic white to almond, from honey to brown, from grey to black, even to blue, the texture is returned in a new key, with chromatic variations usable both on their own and through unique combinations. In any case, the idea of wood always finds room to express itself in a lively, dynamic, material way.

Just Color also offers a series of decorations of utmost elegance, rendered in a hot or cold palette according to personal taste, while among the special pieces are the skirting board, the step, the angular step, the steel and brass profiles.

Just Color is manufactured in mass-coloured porcelain stoneware of the highest quality, with high resistance to temperature changes, to frost, and with anti-slip.

To obtain the perfect Just Color effect, it is essential to mix the pieces during the laying, taking them from different boxes. The splendour of nature's beauty is here rendered through a careful study of its infinite randomness and combinations.

Just Nature: the woods for furnishing

Highest sense of style and absolute attention to the uniqueness of the wood: Just Nature is the Gardenia Orchidea collection that, with its indispensable and at the same time discreet personality, can be installed in any room of the house.

This perfect synergy between pure elegance, compactness to visual impact and resistance over time is proposed in a very delicate but very versatile colour palette, which includes light beige, medium beige, dark beige, grey, dark and pale walnut.

The wood effect guaranteed by this collection in mass-coloured porcelain stoneware of the highest quality combines the anti-slip and durability features typical of the material. The surface finish is matte, able to convey an intense feeling of solidity and rigour, but with a creative flicker that is hard to ignore. In the same way, clean colours and lines typical for Just Nature find a fascinating contrast in the accurate and smudge-free reproduction of typical wood grains: a collection of timeless style, that is completely free from the fads of the moment, perfect for modern and comfortable environments.

There are four available sizes: 30x120, 26.5x180, 20x120 and 15x120.

Just Nature can be installed both outdoors and indoors, creating a continuity of perception and material between indoor and outdoor environments and giving life to a renewed fusion between the home environment and nature




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