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Interior design consultancy is a very important aspect of the sale of ceramics. The latter must not be seen as merely a commercial operation intended to propose a product, but rather a broader activity capable of successfully touching all the essential points of a project, that are:

  • The idea
  • Possible solutions from an aesthetic point of view
  • Possible solutions from a functional point of view
  • The ancillary services to realize them
  • Consultancy at every stage of the project

In a sense, this is the path that every ceramic retailer should follow whenever he is communicating with a customer, and deep understanding his needs is the first tool to open these entire doors one after the other.

From a more practical point of view, we now propose some tips to diversify the destination of your ceramics first: home environments and professional environments or representations are in fact very different in terms of style and performance needs.

In addition to the destination environment, you will have to take into account the personality of your interlocutor or, better still, the personality you will want to equip his premises: tell me who you are, and I'll tell you what ceramics to choose!

A practical example is the modern, minimalist, pointed to shapes and lines, and the use of algae furniture such as steel and glass. In this sense, you can propose lightweight coatings and large-size floors, giving you the ultimate fashion. And for offices that want to express a certain character, the Gardenia expert’s advice is to propose solutions with a cement or resin effect, if not even stone, characterized by soft finishes and even soft touch. And the colour? Clear, of course, if you want to lighten the environments, or alternatively dark (think of the pearl or greige gray tones and their undeniable charm) for venues wishing to convey strength, determination, assertiveness and elegance.

For lovers of the most classic style, you can recommend a collection of pottery that can re-propose the warm woody grain or, alternatively, the gloss of elegant marbles - that give the environments a timeless elegance and a lack of fashion. In this case, you can range from surfaces that are more natural to shiny finishes.

Shabby chic enthusiasts, industrial style or retrieved, refurbished, and restored furniture will be fascinated by a selection of aged ceramic tiles, almost vintage. Propose ceramics that recall the "worn-out" style of old photographs or old Polaroids, but know how to reinterpret it in a modern way. It is only in this way that you will be able to guarantee a final result that is a clear union between lived and contemporary.

The décor, the finishes and, more generally, the personality of your interlocutor will help you, if properly analyzed, to focus on a truly unique solution.



Home ceramics and office ceramics: practical tips for smart solutions

Now that we have provided our suggestions on how to propose your interior design advice, starting with the suggestions of the environments, we come to the merits of practical advice.

Here are some of the proposals for office pottery:

  • Please note the specific load of particularly heavy furniture (such as archives) that the floor will have to bear on a daily basis
  • Calculate the daily average stress on which the floor will be subjected, both in terms of traffic of people, as rubbing of armchairs and seats with wheels
  • Favorite solutions that are easy to clean
  • Propose sober design ceramics, capable of creating continuity with furnishings and brand images
  • The collections to be presented to the customer must necessarily meet the criteria of elegance, comfort, practicality and wear resistance


Finally, here are some requirements to be met in the proposal of home ceramics:

  • First, consider allocating the environment to be furnished: for example, if you are near a patio or a garden, you can recommend durable, scratch-resistant ceramics, and be able to withstand the possible weathering aggressiveness.
  • With regard to cooking, particularly delicate or non-water repellent solutions will naturally be a priori discarded. On the contrary, recommended stain-resistant and ceramic-proof ceramics, easy to clean even in depth, able to withstand moisture and can withstand more frequent and heavy cleaning.
  • The same criteria will of course also have to be respected in the bathroom environment: in this case, the objective will be to propose highly value-added solutions from an aesthetic point of view but equally worthy of note in terms of performance. Remember, first, the bathroom needs to ensure salubriousness.
  • If the room to be furnished is more intimate, as in the case of bedrooms, studios or living rooms, offer ceramics capable of creating a differentiation and a harmonious break between the various rooms of the house: the idea of comfort, serenity and peace must be transmitted by every component of furniture, and the floors strongly affect the perception of a room. Solutions that are more delicate, light effects, and light colors are generally favored in privacy-oriented environments.


Those we have provided are for us the main reference points to be remembered in the field of interior design consultancy during the sales of pottery. What are yours? Tell us the criteria you always keep in mind during your business deals!



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