Design tiles: wood, resin and natural stone


In the design tile proposal, the Gardenia Group is at the top of producers on international level. Made in Italy fashion and design, thought to meet the aesthetic, functional and design needs of the most demanding customer, whether private or contractually.

Having been in the market since 1961, the Gardenia Group has always been in harmony with the evolution of its style and its prestigious ceramic collections for floors and linings are the reference point in 120 countries around the world.

How important is it to fully understand the needs of the end customer to propose the best design tiles? How important is it to know in detail the tastes and expectations of your interlocutor in order to ensure, as a ceramic dealer, the best possible solution? These criteria make us choose the best dealers and the most exclusive ceramic showroom in the world to propose our collections.

As part of the offer of the best design tiles, we from Gardenia consider it important to differentiate possible solutions also by the intended use of the products. With regard to the environment to be customized and furnished, we are able to propose the best materials, colors and formats, and the most exclusive special pieces. High-level consultancy is an integral part of the knowledge that we transfer to our resellers, who can be side by side in terms of project assistance on special projects.




Resin and Natural Stone Ceramics: What Differences?

What are the aesthetic and functional differences between wood, resin and natural stone ceramics? Moreover, which of these solutions can be proposed starting from the assumption of knowing the installation environment?


  • Wooden effect ceramics have the main feature of presenting a texture all over and similar to that of real parquet. At the same time, however, they do not have the typical drawbacks of natural wood and can therefore be virtually installed in both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as in high-volume spaces such as supermarkets, offices and shopping malls. The wood-effect ceramics guarantee excellent resistance to wear and tear, but their exceptional aesthetic appeal makes them one of the most popular solutions for luxury villas, starred restaurants or fine hotels. The evolution of the aesthetic value of these solutions, the result of years of research and development, is reflected in the ability to imitate the classical surface of natural wood perfection. Combining the aesthetic appeal of these solutions with the undeniable performance benefits, it is no surprise to find that wood-effect ceramics are slowly replacing the most delicate and unsuitable materials in humid or high-impact environments. Today, wood effect ceramics are used successfully both in contract environments, such as the hotels and restaurants mentioned above, as well as in the home - especially for the finishing of entrances, stays, bathrooms and kitchens, i.e. environments usually subject to stains and humidity.
  • Resin effect tiles, generally made of porcelain stoneware, are usually based on handmade resin flooring and are today one of the most appreciated interior design solutions for industrial and cosmopolitan environments, such as large lofts or large office space representation. The resin effect tiles are characterized by surfaces with a strongly material and sensorial appeal, sometimes glossy and velvety to the touch, which deliberately seems to appeal to a monolithic appeal of spatulas and artisanship. This type of solution offers the maximum of its appeal in large, and is therefore recommended for large surfaces that blend in front of the observer's eyes. The great ease of use and maintenance of resin-effect tiles is the essential contact point between an impact design and high-quality wear-resistant qualities.


Contemporary might be the key to defining the ideal environment to install these solutions, which with their soft touch finish can also soften the harshest corners of large industrial lofts, old warehouses atelier, and spacious showrooms from ‘severe and incorruptible aspect.


  • Natural stone ceramics are becoming more and more popular, more and more admired, increasingly appreciated. These porcelain stoneware solutions are surfaces featuring a strong aesthetic appeal, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor installation. Sturdy and incredibly elegant, the stone-effect ceramics are extremely versatile and can be inspired by the most well known natural stones: from limestone to sedimentary rock, from blue to slate and from discourse. The technology of these ceramics has made giant strides in recent years, allowing today the design and production of high quality products that range in 360 degrees both in chromatic and finishing terms. This is the key feature of ceramic natural stone effect: that of transferring to perfection the visual and tactile image of the material to be inspired, while guaranteeing all the advantages of ceramics. This solution is perfect for installation in environments that require concrete and material appeal: the large commercial spaces and representative offices are just two of the many applications that feature natural stone ceramics. Solidity, immutability, endurance, resilience is just some of the adjectives that inevitably are in the mood that these solutions transmit to the eye of the observer.



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