Gardenia Orchidea: the benefits of retailing our collections

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For a retailer or for the owner of a ceramics showroom, choosing the collections signed by Gardenia Orchidea Ceramics Group means, first of all, to have access to the best products currently present on the market.

The prestige of the Gardenia brand, active since 1961 and currently distributed in approximately120 countries in the world, is well known and is the result of a strong stylistic identity that finds realisation in a technologically advanced production that is always more oriented towards eco-sustainability.

Retailing the Gardenia Orchidea flooring and wall coverings collections means not only having a wide choice of products, perfect for those clients who are looking for exclusive solutions for their interior design or for the outdoor, but also being in partnership with a company whose entire production activity is carried out only in Italy, and which is, therefore, the flagship of excellence in design, style, and production that is typical of our country.

In these times, when it is extremely essential to offer excellent products and solutions, able to proactively respond to and satisfy the needs of the customers who are always becoming more and more evolved and informed, Gardenia Orchidea Ceramics Group offers a series of collections that will suit any style and design need.

For the retailer, the Gardenia collections are a sign of prestige for the whole company and thus mean a significant improvement of the brand reputation. Gardenia Orchidea is not only the reference point on a worldwide scale in the field of ceramics thanks to prestigious collections that are always in harmony with the style evolution, but it is also an effective partner for improving the business of its retailers, who are always carefully selected.

Gardenia Orchidea set out, first of all, to offer its retailers the ideal tools and solutions for ceramics to differentiate their range, also in terms of the intended use of the products. This results in the creation of flooring and wall coverings collections that are greatly varied in terms of colours, finishes, styles, sizes and technical characteristics, which allows us to guarantee the most appropriate design solution for each customer.

The high-level support is another advantage that distinguishes Gardenia Orchidea Ceramics Group from many of its competitors. The know-how which the company guarantees to its retailers is, in fact, an integral part of the partnership proposal, and practically represents the availability of full support, both in terms of basic advice and of advanced assistance when working on special projects.

The increase in the turnover of the ceramics showrooms derives essentially from two factors: the quality of their products and of their services. In this sense, Gardenia Orchidea is the full-service partner to really make a difference.

Contact us now to find out how to become a partner of the most appreciated Ceramics Group on an international level.


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