Gardenia Orchidea and Versace: a luxury partnership - ceramics as a form of art


The excellence of the 100% Made in Italy ceramics and of Italian fashion find their perfect combination in the Versace Ceramics project - the result of a partnership between Gardenia Orchidea Ceramics Group and the famous fashion brand Versace.

The partnership first came into existence in 1997, after a meeting that highlighted the exciting similarities that unite the two brands. The chemistry was there from the very beginning and was essentially due to the deep passion for the decoration and the furnishing of indoor spaces, with an eye for the style and elegance. Even today, more than twenty years after the beginning of the collaboration, the link between the Milan fashion house and the ceramics brand from the famous Modena District is the forge of a constant design stimulus, which finds expression in exclusive collections, created for those who want the ceramics of absolute excellence.

Soft enveloping shapes, high-quality materials, timeless colour combinations and immediately recognisable decorative elements of the fashion house – such as the classic Medusa or the neoclassical Greek motif – are created through careful design and the latest production technologies, giving life to art collections in which luxury and elegance are expertly combined.

The Versace Ceramics collections are now famous all over the world and fall into a very wide context of a complete housing project, also thanks to a line of bathroom furnishings characterised by the unmistakable Versace style.

These are the Versace Ceramics collections - the result of a union between the fashion house and the Gardenia Orchidea Ceramics Group:

  • Emote: the shining reflection of the classicism is reflected in the fascinating reinterpretation of the famous line of floorings and wall coverings of the highest value and timeless appeal. The seductive play of contrasts, the surfaces of absolute splendour set in motion by decorations and drawings, the baroque elements and geometries give life to a virtually infinite combination of colour accents that not only separate and define environments but balance them too.


  • Exclusive: a collection of artistic mosaics in natural stone, available in two colours - beige/gold and white/black - and in different formats. The ultimate elegance and flexibility of shapes and finishes are only some of the worthy features of this line of flooring and wall-coverings, that appears sumptuous to the eye and substantial to the touch. Ideal for the environments where elegance is the meeting point between the classical style and the baroque atmosphere.


  • Gold: geometry and decorations with a touch of glamour, brightness, and dynamic surfaces, the appeal of materials and geometry join in a union of absolute elegance and luxury. The perfect synergy of the colour palette – from gold to moka brown, from dark grey to cream – offers the possibility of giving life to environments of maximum warmth and absolute versatility, designed to amaze and fascinate in every detail.


  • #Greek: the classical essence of the contemporary manifests itself vigorously in the decisive lines of stone cutting. The softness of designs, the quality of decorations and the preciousness of materials create a mix of surfaces composed of fine detail and bold colour combinations. Although austere at times, this collection implies, nevertheless, a softness expressed through the decidedly material feel, meant to guarantee maximum character to your environment.

  • Marble: these semi-polished surfaces feature decisive lines and warm atmospheres that, by themselves, clearly defined the identity of the rooms. The fine porcelain stoneware, characterised by the maximum chromatic and aesthetic versatility, gives life to light and elegant creations. White, grey, black, gold, beige and brown are the colours designed to combine with each other in a vision of warm and enveloping colours or to stand out as monochrome details, made even more appealing with the help of exclusive textures. The baroque details complete the picture with a touch of the absolute, sumptuous elegance.


  • Palace: a line of floor and wall coverings offered in a warm tint that goes from shades of almond to black, without forgetting the charm of beige and gold. Clean and essential lines are skilfully blended with finishes and details designed to amaze at first glance. A remarkably versatile collection created with the purpose of giving life to environments making them very recognisable and charismatic.

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  • Vanitas: a collection designed to make every environment unique, featuring a classic and typically Italian style. The fine porcelain stoneware is presented here in a palette of three colours, beige, gold and walnut for wall covering versions, and in shades of gold, beige and brown for the flooring, giving life to a combination of maximum warmth and spectacular beauty. The special elements and the Greek style highlight the classical and Mediterranean character of the Versace brand.

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  • Venere: the purity of the shapes found in the timeless beauty, devoid of temporary trends, presented here in five different colours. White, beige, gold, walnut and grey give life to an infinity of chromatic combinations always designed to impress and to better define the environments. The two formats highlight the purity and the geometry of lines, softened by the special decor elements and by textured details.

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 Discover the excellence of Versace Ceramics.

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